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Fortune Tellers & Spell Makers

Here are some nonfiction podcasts that I really enjoyed about folks who sell fortunes and spells. Public radio stations produced the podcasts that I list here.

I, personally, download podcasts from iTunes. However, for this blog post, I linked to each podcast’s website.

#41 Tell Me How To Live My Life by TLDR from WNYC

#49 Do URL Believe in Magic? by TLDR from WNYC

HBM063: The Art of the Scam, by Malibu Ron [EXPLICIT] by Here Be Monsters from KCRW


Finally, here is a podcast that has nothing to do with buying or selling predictions or spells. I link here a documentary podcast about voodou Haiti. (Note: I spelled “voodou” the way that this website spelled it.)

Possession by UnFictional from KCRW

(Note: Here is a podcast that is NOT from a public radio station but this is another perspective on “voodoo” or “voodoo:” Episode 26: Brought Back from Lore.)