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“Lore” and Other Spooky Podcasts


I listen to several hours of podcasts a week.

I ride the bus to my job in downtown Pittsburgh. So, I listen during my commute. And also during many of my daily routines.

I fell in love with podcasts just recently.

My sister K, and then my sister E, used to talk about their favorite podcasts all of the time.

I said, “That’s nice.”

I had no idea how to download a podcast, so I didn’t bother.

And THEN my sister E introduced me to: Serial. (Yeah, just like hordes of other folks, Serial was my gateway drug to the podcasting world.)

I figured out how to download Serial, and then I binge-listened to Serial the weekend of New Year’s Eve in 2014.

Then I binge-listened to: Here Be Monsters, 99% Invisible, Radiolab, This American Life, Planet Money, Invisibilia, tl;dr (yeah, tl;dr is actually the name of a podcast), Startup, Reply All, and Mystery Show. Oh, and also Death, Sex, and Money.

I blame my sisters for all of this.

I will receive nothing for recommending a podcast here except my own satisfaction. However, here’s a shout-out to my newest favorite spooky podcast:

Lore by Aaron Mahnke

When I found Lore last winter, I spent the next week listening to every episode that had been made up to that point. Now I listen to every new episode within days after it comes out.

For each story, Lore cites actual folklore and historical events. It’s like taking a ghost walk in a historic district.  Or several historic districts.

You should also listen to these:

Radiolab episode of October 30, 2014: Haunted (The house in this episode reminds me of my own house. If you listen to Radiolab, then you know that it’s a science and technology show. Haunted gets into some of the science of a house “haunting.”)

This American Life episode 319: And the Call Was Coming from the Basement

This American Life episode 283: Remember Me  Act II: Where’s Walter?  (Act II is the only “spooky” act in this episode.)