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The War On Christmas. Also, Happy Solstice!

People get outraged over how other people celebrate December.  Centuries ago, people got outraged over how other people celebrated December. Here’s an episode from New England Legends Podcast which explains all this:

When Boston Banned Christmas

See, back in the 1600’s, the Puritans persecuted non-Puritans (and also other Puritans) over religious beliefs. Sound familiar?

I’m sharing this story tonight because I know that history repeats itself. The week of the solstice is the perfect time mind this!


Also, in honor of the solstice, here is a photo of the old Horne’s Department Store in downtown Pittsburgh.

I actually took this photo in 2014, but every holiday season – including this one – this tree decoration graces this building.

One of my great-grandmothers worked in this building when it was Horne’s. An insurance company now owns the building, and occupies most of it. I now work directly across the street from this building, at a different insurance company.

One time, at almost the same spot where I stood to take this photo, I ran into my aunt and my cousin. Another time, again at this spot, I ran into a different cousin from my other side of my family.

Happy Solstice! But seriously, listen to the podcast.