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S – Town (No Spoilers)

by Jenny 31 March 2017 Podcasts

I found out Sunday night that the creators of Serial and This American Life had a new podcast coming out, and that all seven episodes were to be released on Tuesday. So, on Tuesday I downloaded all seven episodes. I listened during my commute to and from work, and as I went about my day. […]

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“The House on Loon Lake”

by Jenny 26 February 2017 Podcasts

  During my time as a kid in Somerset County, a bunch of us plundered the trash of the old lady on the next block. This was the neighbor girl’s idea. We brought home many treasures from the old lady’s spring cleaning efforts: Blank stationary. Decorative Boxes. Costume jewelry. We mortified my parents. They made […]

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3 Hours of Ghost Stories

by Jenny 30 October 2016 History

Snap Judgment, a podcast from the public radio station WNYC, posted 5 episodes of spooky stories this week. Here is the link to their website. I, personally, pull the podcasts from iTunes. I was not able to locate all of these “ghost” episodes from the websites list of archives, so here is the actual list […]

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by Jenny 14 October 2016 Podcasts

Last night, I dreamt that I caught a thin gray-haired woman stealing from our outdoor firewood pile. I grabbed her by the wrist, and then I pulled her thick ponytail. “Thief! How does it feel to be a thief?” I left go of her ponytail and waved my hand at her face. She stared at […]

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Witch Hunt

by Jenny 2 October 2016 History

  Here is the link to a podcast episode about the Salem Witch Trials that I really enjoyed: Witch Hunt by Unfictional, a podcast series produced through Los Angeles public radio station KCRW. (KCRW’s Independent Producer Project sponsors Unfictional and also another podcast series that I really enjoy, Here Be Monsters. I know that my […]

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Fortune Tellers & Spell Makers

by Jenny 29 September 2016 History

Here are some nonfiction podcasts that I really enjoyed about folks who sell fortunes and spells. Public radio stations produced the podcasts that I list here. I, personally, download podcasts from iTunes. However, for this blog post, I linked to each podcast’s website. #41 Tell Me How To Live My Life by TLDR from WNYC […]

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“Lore” and Other Spooky Podcasts

by Jenny 22 September 2016 History

I listen to several hours of podcasts a week. I ride the bus to my job in downtown Pittsburgh. So, I listen during my commute. And also during many of my daily routines. I fell in love with podcasts just recently. My sister K, and then my sister E, used to talk about their favorite […]

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