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Backup Strategies

by Jonathan 3 June 2010 Technology

I’ve done an awful lot of disaster recovery (DR) planning and implementation (and thankfully very little execution!) over the years. A well-made DR plan usually has a lot of work go into it during the planning stages, followed by a few testing sessions that can easily test the mettle of the most hearty sysadmin. After […]

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mdworker FolderManager err=-36 messages in logs under OS X Snow Leopard

by Jonathan 24 May 2010 Technology

I get a little anal about checking logs on my systems. Over the years, I have found lots of nascent problems while doing simple log scans on all sorts of systems. Doing a periodic scan also helps me to determine what looks normal on a system. When I go to help someone else with an […]

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Welcome to the new Dryrose blog!

by Jonathan 23 May 2010 Technology

Hi all. So there are a few things changing in the Dryrose world. Some are still in development, but this is the first to really get some wings and come to some sort of completed state. This is:  The new Dryrose blog! Now, some of you might be saying, But Jonathan, we’re reading this on […]

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SPF Records and YOU

by Jonathan 25 March 2010 Technology

The Domain Name System (commonly known by its acronym, DNS) has been around for a long while.  Over the years, it has had enhancements and features added to it.  It works based on a series of records, describing information about a hostname.  For instance, when you came to this website here, the address is “”. […]

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Poor technical score: Your bits are showing!

by Jonathan 25 March 2010 Technology

Yeah, I broke all kinds of things when I moved the blog around and re-organized things.  One of those things was the RSS feed, which is used in news readers and in all sorts of places where I might want to have this content re-posted.  One of those places that used it was my Facebook […]

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New photo toys arrived, and it looks like we’ll have to cover the flowers tonight

by Jonathan 25 March 2010 House and Home

My new Induro carbon-fibre monopod arrived today.  It matches the material and construction of my tripod, which is awesome in multiple ways.  I only have one set of maintenance and setup tools to carry with me, and motor-memory won’t have to recall settings depending on the support device in use.  I also got a Manfrotto […]

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SanDisk Extreme FW800 Reader = AWESOME

by Jonathan 21 March 2010 Photography

Last week, I purchased a new CompactFlash reader for my photography stuff.  I had been using a USB reader, mostly because it was generally compatible with everything.  Some of my longer photo sessions were taking a looooong time to import, though, and I was getting tired of waiting.  I elected to go high-speed, so I […]

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Today was Awesome

by Jonathan 18 March 2010 House and Home

I had an entirely productive day today.  Things got rolling with work-from-home work today.  I was busting-through things left and right and it was good.  I got some development work finished, did a little bit of analysis, and got a lot of catch-up reading accomplished.  During lunch, I went over to Arnold Feed and asked […]

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New blog live

by Jonathan 15 March 2010 Technology

During lunch today, I pressed some keys and made the new site live.  I’m sure there are still some details that I need to work-out.  In the meantime, here’s hoping at least all of the basic stuff works….

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It might very well be time for a change

by Jonathan 4 March 2010 Technology

I keep getting frustrated with how this site works. I think it might be time for a change here. I think I need to work a little harder on the change to make it worthwhile. It has to happen, though, because I now get irritated enough about how this site works that I don’t post here anymore. Change ahoy.

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