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God Bless the Wedding Helpers

by Jenny 29 April 2015 Uncategorized

Thanks for all of the wedding anniversary wishes on Facebook! Jon and I enjoyed a beautiful wedding nine years ago on April 29. We had a world-class cookie table – and the love of friends and family! Thank you to everybody who was there and / or helped with it in any way. You gave […]

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In Which I Embarrass My Younger Sisters

by Jenny 27 March 2014 Uncategorized

Olivia turned fifteen years old last week. Olivia and I have the same mother and father, but I am the oldest of the five Gaffron sisters and she is the youngest. I grew up playing games on a Texas Instrument TI-99/4A hooked up to a cassette player. Olivia has her own laptop and her school gave her […]

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Nikolaj Christensen Rocks (And So Do His Snails)

by Jenny 27 October 2013 Uncategorized

Yesterday we went with my mom and my sister Elizabeth to Phipps Conservatory. My mom celebrated her birthday this past week and she wanted to see the Fall Flower Show before her membership expired and the Laurel Highlands froze over for the winter. (My parents live in Somerset County, so it’s a big deal for them […]

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Making These Was A Hoot

by Jenny 22 September 2013 Uncategorized

I used to piece together quilts on my mom’s sewing machine. My sewing skills haven’t advanced much beyond this stage. However, I have boxes and bags full of half-used craft supplies and even more bags full of fabric scraps. A lot of the fabric scraps were from Jonathan’s projects. I asked him to make me […]

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Not-So-Silent Spring

by Jenny 16 June 2013 New Kensington

There are many different ways to spend the weekend of Father’s Day. Jonathan and I spent today at a birthday picnic for my sister Liz at my parents’ house.  Other families attend Fly-In Breakfasts at airports.  Although Jon and I didn’t go near any planes for this occasion, we still witnessed a prime example this […]

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Salem on My Mind

by Jenny 21 October 2012 History

My sister-in-law Sarah recently blogged the following about her summer trip to New England: Later that afternoon, we went to Salem so that I could get my witch hunt/The Crucible fix.  Maybe I had my hopes set too high, but I found myself fairly disappointed in what I’ll call the over-commercialization of the witch hunts.  The […]

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“The Past is a Foreign Country”

by Jenny 15 October 2012 History

“The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.” – L. P. Hartley. Yesterday Jonathan and I drove around Fayette County to leaf-peep. Our scenic route to Ohiopyle State Park took us through Dunbar and past these ruins. Dunbar Road runs past the other side of the stone wall. This appeared to be mill, […]

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National Road

by Jenny 7 October 2012 History

  This is Searights Tollhouse, on U.S. Route 40 in Fayette County, PA. Long before we had EZ Pass, travelers would stop at buildings such as this to pay their fares. This section of Route 40 is also known as Alternate Route 40, Cumberland Pike, the National Pike, and the National Road. The U.S. Government built […]

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Happy to Haunt

by Jenny 27 September 2012 History

If I were a ghost, I might be tempted to haunt Hartwood Acres Park. After I found the pet cemetary that sits right behind the old mansion, I realized that the original owners may have had the same thought. A google search brought up this article by Sandy Trozzo from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about Hartwood Acres. It […]

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More Scenes from the Trail

by Jenny 9 September 2012 Outdoors

Today’s photos, and the one that I posted in the previous blog entry , were taken last month during a trip that Jonathan and I made on the Great Allegheny Passage  from Garrett, PA to the Big Savage Tunnel. (This trip was 14 miles one way.) After I posted the previous entry, my mother mentioned to […]

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