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Late November Hike, Harrison Hills Park

With some astoundingly pleasant late-fall weather, and a need to walk off some of the great food we’ve had over the past couple of days, I grabbed a camera, jacket, mask (I anticipated running into others on this fine day), water, and headed up the road to Harrison Hills Park for a hike. I made my own loop out of parts of four different trails. Lots of nice views. I forgot to grab my collapsible hiking poles, so looked for a decent walking stick when I arrived. I found an OK one, but it gave up while helping me over a hole created when a tree fell. Then I found a wonderful piece of what I think is hemlock. Big and sturdy. I trimmed a couple nibs off and went on my way. Glad I found it when I did, too, as there were a couple more obstacles ahead where it came in especially handy.

Looking back on the Rachel Carson trail
Freeport and River Forest from the Rachel Carson trail
On the Scouts Trail
On the Scouts Trail

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