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Icy Lighthouse

I visited Pinniped last week at the boatyard. We had the two smaller hatch lids over the galley and nav station rebuilt over the winter. I wanted to get those put back on to help keep out birds and such who might view the nice, covered inside of the boat as a great nesting area as we prepare for early spring. I discovered that some kind soul had plugged her in for us, so her batteries have been kept nice and charged during the cold winter. She was clean and dry inside, too! I got the hatch lids locked down, though I didn’t put the hinge pins back in yet. I was somewhat nervous about pounding the plastic pins back in when everything was still as cold as it was, so I will return to do that next time when it is hopefully a little warmer.

After getting her cover buttoned back up again, I drove over to Presque Isle to eat the salad I had brought with me and see if there were any interesting ice photos to be had. I grabbed the photo of the North Pier light below, with a large mound of ice piled up in front of it. I had to get home to make dinner, or I would have been out taking more photos for a few hours. There were some impressive ice dunes on the lake side, a ton of people ice fishing on the bay side (the bay was still fully frozen-over), and a lot of birds hanging around in the marshes that weren’t totally frozen. It was a short trip, but a fun and productive one.

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