Outdoors,  Western Pennsylvania

A Fun Fall Pedal to the Waterfront Ends in Hail

A couple of weekends ago, Jenny and I biked from Millvale to the Waterfront, had an early dinner, and then rode back. It was a Sunday with an evening Steelers game, so we encountered a bunch of people heading to the game on our return trip. The ride out was pleasant, but we started to encounter the occasional raindrops on the way back, which was not in the forecast at all. We stopped for a bit on the North Shore to watch people and take some photos, then decided we should start heading for the car in Millvale. At about the time we arrived at the park in Millvale, the rain started. We got the bags off of the bikes and Jenny managed to get inside the car as the skies opened up. I was trying to load the bikes and stopped to duck under the open rear hatch of Newbaru. Just as I got under cover, the rain changed immediately to a heavy onslaught of hail! After a few minutes of that, as quickly as it started, it stopped. I got the bikes loaded and secured, and we headed home, tired and a little damp, but happy to have the opportunity to share a fun ride and meal together on such an interesting day.

Dramatic skies over downtown from the North Shore

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