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Presque Isle Autumn

It was that time of year again, when the weather turns cooler, the leaves begin to change and fall, and Pinniped has to be lifted out of the water of Lake Erie before the water gets hard. We were scheduled for a 09:00 Monday appointment at the lift well for the crew to take us out and get us on stands in the boatyard. I went up Saturday to get her ready to come out, including doing an oil change, packing up and removing items that can’t freeze and food items that we don’t want to leave on board all winter, getting the sails down and bagged for storage, and getting the interior packed up. I had some time Saturday and Sunday afternoons to head over to Presque Isle State Park. Saturday the waves were starting to subside a bit from earlier high winds, but they were still significant. Sunday was a beautiful day, and I had a chance to hike along the beach to Gull Point, and then take the Gull Point trail back to the truck. I had never hiked out there, so that was a fun time. I took a few photos both afternoons.

Monday had high winds and rain predicted. Not exactly fun for lift-out and then winterizing the engine, A/C, and head, and then getting the halyards and other lines stowed for the winter. Somehow I lucked out, and the wind stayed down while I was getting over to the lift well, not getting strong until the boat was already secure on the ground, and the rain held off until I was done with everything and got into the truck. I literally got into the truck and the first rain drops hit the windshield. I got myself cleaned up, grabbed some food, and headed home. Pinniped is now safe for the winter. I still have to go up with my Dad and get the cover on, but I can do that on a decent weekend, since everything is winterized and I don’t need to worry about anything freezing that shouldn’t freeze.

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