Crossposter fixed–content should be coming back now!

OK, so I finally fixed the crossposter. If that line doesn’t make any sense, here’s a quick explanation:

I have two blogs. One of them (this one– is the repository for posts about family, home, etc. It’s also Jenny’s place to post her stories and the like. The other blog ( is the repository for business-related and techie stuff, which might not always be posted here. A lot of the stuff that I post at the Dryrose blog has a place here, too, though, so I had a crossposting gadget that would take things that I post on Dryrose and post them here, if I marked the post as appropriate for both sites. A couple of months ago, it stopped working after an upgrade, and I didn’t have a chance to figure out what had gone wrong. It turns out that the issue was a simple schema change that had not applied correctly. After I fixed that this afternoon, it was happy.

New posts will show up here, now, like they did before things went sideways. In the meantime, though, here’s the stuff that you may have missed:

Jonathan does a lot of stuff. If you ask Jenny, maybe he does too much stuff.