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I Didn’t Ask About the Serial Killer (But I Wanted To)

by Jenny 1 July 2017 History

  When Jonathan and I visited Chicago in June, I took a boat tour through the Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF). Several groups provide architecture boat tours in Chicago. I found no large difference in the ticket prices. I googled the reviews for 3 of these operators, and they all had high marks. To be honest, […]

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by Jenny 2 April 2017 History

“A lighthouse will always survive the storm.” I found this written over a bunch of memes on Pinterest during a search for something else. Inspiring. Except – this isn’t actually true. I pasted above a photo of the Erie Land Light in Eria, PA. The third Erie Land Light.  The first two lighthouses at this spot […]

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Colonial Stranger Danger

by Jenny 29 March 2017 History

I started kindergarten in the 1980’s. So – I learned about stranger danger before I learned not to eat my crayons. Now, I blogged about this young adult book from 1973 titled Hannah’s Town  by Helen Smith and George Swetnam. It’s about a little girl named Hannah who lives in colonial Westmoreland County in the […]

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3 Hours of Ghost Stories

by Jenny 30 October 2016 History

Snap Judgment, a podcast from the public radio station WNYC, posted 5 episodes of spooky stories this week. Here is the link to their website. I, personally, pull the podcasts from iTunes. I was not able to locate all of these “ghost” episodes from the websites list of archives, so here is the actual list […]

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Witch Hunt

by Jenny 2 October 2016 History

  Here is the link to a podcast episode about the Salem Witch Trials that I really enjoyed: Witch Hunt by Unfictional, a podcast series produced through Los Angeles public radio station KCRW. (KCRW’s Independent Producer Project sponsors Unfictional and also another podcast series that I really enjoy, Here Be Monsters. I know that my […]

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Fortune Tellers & Spell Makers

by Jenny 29 September 2016 History

Here are some nonfiction podcasts that I really enjoyed about folks who sell fortunes and spells. Public radio stations produced the podcasts that I list here. I, personally, download podcasts from iTunes. However, for this blog post, I linked to each podcast’s website. #41 Tell Me How To Live My Life by TLDR from WNYC […]

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“Lore” and Other Spooky Podcasts

by Jenny 22 September 2016 History

I listen to several hours of podcasts a week. I ride the bus to my job in downtown Pittsburgh. So, I listen during my commute. And also during many of my daily routines. I fell in love with podcasts just recently. My sister K, and then my sister E, used to talk about their favorite […]

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Tall Ships Erie – My Thoughts

by Jenny 31 July 2016 History

Tall Ships Erie will be September 8 – 11, 2016. On this weekend, visitors will be able to view and tour several tall ships docked in Erie, Pennsylvania. I don’t have any additional information about this year’s festival than what I see on this official website. However, Jonathan and I spent several hours at Tall […]

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On the Gitchee Gumee

by Jenny 25 July 2016 History

One late July or early August more than a decade ago, I saw Lake Superior for the very first time. At Whitefish Point, on Whitefish Bay. If you ever listened to Gordon Lightfoot’s “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” then you know that this ballad details the real life tragedy of a freighter that sank […]

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From Erie to Michigan

by Jenny 21 July 2016 History

This morning the U.S. Brig Niagara sailed past the house that we’re renting in St. Ignace, Michigan! We often see the Niagara in its home port of Erie, Pennsylvania. I learned through the Tall Ships America website that the Niagara and other tall ships are in a series of festivals this summer. They “festivaled” in […]

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