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New Kensington

The Time Capsule

by Jenny 4 June 2016 History

Many old buildings are actually time capsules. The thing is, they often don’t reveal their secrets all at once. For example, our first contractor found this bottle when he dismantled our porch nearly two years ago. What’s this? you say. A broken bottle?     Well, as I tried to show above, we saw the […]

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I Live in Their House

by Jenny 27 May 2016 History

“Do you have family buried here?” I stood in front of a row of graves when I heard this. Such a logical question. But no. I have no actual family buried here, in this cemetery. I even have to Google the correct cemetery name whenever I try to write about it. This cemetery belongs to […]

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Our Old House Update #2: The Roof

by Jenny 25 May 2016 New Kensington

Tonight I sat outside to watch the sunset and thought, “Did our cat get sprayed by Pepé Le Pew?” No, our cat did NOT get sprayed by a skunk, thank goodness. However, someone in my neighborhood needs to start paying more for weed. Because the stuff that they smoked tonight is awful. Last week, I almost […]

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Our Old House: Update #1

by Jenny 20 May 2016 New Kensington

This is the first of what I hope will be many updates (from me AND Jonathan) on the improvements to our 120+ -year-old house. I write this from a picnic table under a tree outside of People’s Library in New Kensington. Did you know that People’s Library provides WiFi in the little grove of trees […]

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Musings on Photography Shows

by Jenny 14 April 2016 New Kensington

The New Kensington Camera Club has a Flower Show this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This whole thing is making me so emotional. I actually entered two of my own photos. Here’s a boring story: I had to pass every single class my final semester in college in order to graduate. My school charged by the […]

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Happy Easter!

by Jenny 27 March 2016 New Kensington

Happy Easter! Here is a photo of Parnassus in the spring. I see from the date stamp that I took this in April 2012. I need to say that 2012 was a very good year. My niece and one of my nephews arrived in 2012.  In fact, I learned that my niece was on the […]

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Write A House

by Jenny 4 January 2016 New Kensington

So I found this website for Write A House – a writing contest where the winner gets a free house. In Detroit. And I thought – we could do this in New Kensington! The good people who established Write a House explain the rules here. They awarded 2 houses since 2014. Applicants must have a […]

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Parnassus in the Spring

by Jenny 21 January 2015 New Kensington

Here is Parnassus in the spring. I intend to post more in a few days. Tonight I will listen to Jonathan baking bread and try to forget that we still have to finish January.

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When the Johnstown Flood Came to the Alle-Kiski Valley

by Jenny 18 January 2015 History

Here’s something that I learned this winter: Shortly after the Johnstown Flood of 1889 (the flood that killed 2,209 people), tourists took picnic lunches to Johnstown, Pennsylvania so they could sight-see the damage.  Residents of the river towns of the Allegheny-Kiskimenetas (Alle-Kiski) Valley didn’t have to make this trip, though. The Johnstown Flood came to them. […]

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Why Places Matter

by Jenny 3 November 2014 New Kensington

I will always remember our Halloween this past Friday in Parnassus. Why? Two reasons: 1.)    We got over 200 trick-or-treaters at our house, just like last year and the year before that. 2.)    This was our newest nephew’s first Halloween. This boy might be the youngest resident of Parnassus. You thought that I was going to list […]

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