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Confessions of a Train Passenger

by Jenny 25 June 2017 Travel

  I like to watch and listen to strangers in public. At the park. In restaurants. In stores. On the train. Several years ago, I rode the Amtrak by myself from Washington, D.C. to Pittsburgh. The Capitol Limited. I sat in the coach section.  A man and woman sat behind me. They were both white […]

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Midnight Train to Chicago

by Jenny 23 June 2017 Travel

  Jonathan and I went to Chicago for a week. Jonathan travelled to the Windy City for a work conference, and I tagged along for the tourist stuff. I was the most touristy tourist ever! I rode on the architecture river boat tour, 2 bus tours, and the brand-new giant ferris wheel at the Navy […]

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The Point

by Jenny 18 August 2016 House and Home

Life moves according to some sort of plan. Then suddenly it doesn’t. Everything changes at one single point in time. I bet that everybody who reads this blog already knows about what happened last week, but I blogged today so that future entries on the subject will make more sense. On Memorial Day weekend in […]

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Tall Ships Erie – My Thoughts

by Jenny 31 July 2016 History

Tall Ships Erie will be September 8 – 11, 2016. On this weekend, visitors will be able to view and tour several tall ships docked in Erie, Pennsylvania. I don’t have any additional information about this year’s festival than what I see on this official website. However, Jonathan and I spent several hours at Tall […]

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On the Gitchee Gumee

by Jenny 25 July 2016 History

One late July or early August more than a decade ago, I saw Lake Superior for the very first time. At Whitefish Point, on Whitefish Bay. If you ever listened to Gordon Lightfoot’s “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” then you know that this ballad details the real life tragedy of a freighter that sank […]

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From Erie to Michigan

by Jenny 21 July 2016 History

This morning the U.S. Brig Niagara sailed past the house that we’re renting in St. Ignace, Michigan! We often see the Niagara in its home port of Erie, Pennsylvania. I learned through the Tall Ships America website that the Niagara and other tall ships are in a series of festivals this summer. They “festivaled” in […]

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Sunset Cruise Surprise

by Jenny 20 July 2016 Outdoors

Here is a photo that Jonathan took during the Star Line Ferry’s Sunset Cruise under the Mackinac Bridge Monday night. This year, Jonathan and I took the 1.5 hour cruise for the third time. However, I chose this for my birthday. Mike Fornes, a local author of several books about the area, spoke over the […]

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“Pokémon Go” to Parnassus

by Jenny 11 July 2016 History

“There’s a Mewtwo in the backyard. #PokemonGo” (Twitter.) So I found out about Pokémon Go this past Saturday. I read about it on Twitter. Then we went to Point State Park, and saw a bunch of people walking around the Point staring at their phones the whole time. “Yeah, they’re playing Pokemon,” Jonathan said. I don’t […]

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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (Sauer Castle Edition)

by Jenny 24 June 2016 History

  This is a short story about why humans can’t have nice things. This story takes place in Kansas City, Kansas.  In a mansion built right after the Civil War. A mansion that the locals all know as Sauer Castle. (Disclaimer: I have only been to Kansas twice in my life. Several years ago, Jonathan […]

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Rainy Day

by Jenny 23 June 2016 Travel

It’s rainy. It’s Thursday. It’s rainy throwback Thursday. Here is a photo that I took last June. I toured Longwood Gardens in eastern Pennsylvania with two of my sisters. Well, we toured part of Longwood Gardens. Because it poured that day. We stayed dry inside Longwood’s East Conservatory. However, I also stood in the rain […]

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