New Photos

Hi, this is Jenny.

I consider this blog as our way of letting friends and family know what’s going on with us.

I try to have at least one of us – either Jenny or Jonathan – post at least once a month in order to keep the content fresh.

I just realized that I never mentioned on this particular blog that my mom, Shirley Gaffron, passed away from lung cancer in late October 2018. She never smoked. I mention this because it’s important to note that non-smokers can still get lung cancer. Anybody who has lungs can get lung cancer.

I personally worry that lung cancer research is underfunded because it’s stigmatized as a “smokers disease.”

This weekend I went through my Lightroom folders looking for photos for my other blog. I came across a bunch of photos that I took of my mom in the past few years. So here you go. Enjoy!