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Snowy, Cold Allegheny River

We live maybe 1500 feet from the banks of the Allegheny. But in our fair city, the banks along the residential district are occupied by an empty industrial sand and gravel lot. The company is still in operation and just doesn’t use this particular part of their property, so I could probably wander onto it, but I prefer not to trespass and would rather not be the source of a headline in the local paper. So instead, in order to see the pretty river, I need to walk almost three miles into the adjoining city of Arnold, where they have a pretty waterfront park with walkways, benches, a fishing pier, a baseball field, and several interesting signs talking about the history of the city, all on former industrial land. This morning, I made us an enormous Polish breakfast in the spirit of Avanti’s of Erie, then grabbed my camera and walked off part of it by heading to said riverfront park to take a few photos.

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