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Sunny Winter Day at Ohiopyle

We awoke to a beautiful sunny (and chilly) winter day. I wanted to go out and make a few photos in the pretty light, and Jenny was game for a ride, so we loaded up TruckStor with cameras and some winter outdoor gear and headed for Ohiopyle State Park. We haven’t visited there in a little while, at least partially because it was overwhelmingly busy over the past year, as more people sort of rediscovered our local outdoor gems. Ohiopyle was always busy, but this year it seemed more than average. A cold winter day with nice light after some recent snow seemed like a good day to give it a shot, and we weren’t disappointed!

We planned to take some photos around the main falls area first, and then head for Cucumber Falls, where I planned to hike down to the base to get some photos from there. We split up when we arrived to go and make some photos of different things, and then met up again at the main falls. While we were talking about what we saw, Jenny noticed an orange cat position himself in the sun across from us and proceed to observe the world, in that way that cats do. It was in this way that we met the unofficial Ohiopyle mascot cat, Tonto. Jenny wrote a story about meeting Tonto today with some photos on the Parnassus Pen blog. After giving Tonto some pets, we headed back to TruckStor and made our way up to Cucumber Falls, where we found the parking log absolutely packed. OK, so we’ll skip Cucumber this time, and we headed up the hill to one of the picnic areas we like, along one of the streams that eventually goes over Cucumber Falls. We made a few more photos there, and then headed for home. It was a great trip and a nice chance to get out and play camera a bit, and even better, we got to enjoy the day together (and meet a friendly cat)!

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