House and Home,  New Kensington

Home is getting a little Christmas-y here!

The hall tree is up, the bannister and dining room mantel are decorated. This coming week we will get the big live tree and start to get it decorated. For the first time in maybe forever since we’ve owned this house, we have decorated the front porch! I’ve always wanted to put up garland on the porch, but the old porch already had issues and I never bought garland for it. Then was the whole mess of the original porch restoration/rebuild project gone seriously awry. Now we have a beautiful new almost-complete (waiting on railings and spandrels) porch, so garland and bows were purchased and hung last weekend!

I’ve decided to irritate my wonderful wife even further and renew my interest in an activity I stopped long before I ever met her, and I am learning how to play keyboarded instruments again. So, here’s a poorly played rendition of Silent Night, and only one verse at that. I had to start somewhere, I guess.

A Poor Rendition of Silent Night

For the geeky ones: The image featured here is a focus-stacked image made of five separate frames. The sounds for Silent Night are from the awesome Arturia Analog Lab V library of software instruments, which have been keeping my brain entertained while I re-learn where all the notes are on the staves.

Jonathan does a lot of stuff. If you ask Jenny, maybe he does too much stuff.