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Christmas Cat

Dandelion the Christmas Cat says hello. Well, at least she acknowledges your presence. Like most cats, she’s not a huge fan of change around the house, so she always gets a little perturbed around Christmas when we start to move furniture around and disturb her normal napping spots. But then we bring in THE TREE, and we put a comfy fluffy tree skirt down around it, and she is absolutely in heaven. We brought this thing in from the outside and put a nice blanket around it and keep the base of it filled with water! You’d think we gave her a million cans of tuna or something. She was a stray living outside when she was taken into the shelter (after having at least one litter), and those outside cat instincts are still there. She prefers water that is either moving or smells like outside. She likes high places, and sheltered spots where she is protected from above and can see anything coming towards her. She absolutely loves when the tree goes up, and can often be found napping under it, usually near the (currently closed, to keep the tree happier) heater register. She was napping there last night when I decided to try to get a photo. Of course, she woke with an enormous yawn, and then looked at me like, dude, can’t I nap in peace?!

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  • Flora

    My mother told stories about Kaiser farm being haunted. The farm was located near Morris Cross Roads going toward Lake Lynn , pa.

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    Hi! I’m Jonathan and just saw this comment. I’m thinking maybe it was meant for a different entry, or for an entry on my wife’s history blog over on