House and Home,  New Kensington

Merry Winter Holidays

We hope whatever holiday(s) you celebrate have been happy and merry and full of light and warmth. We were happy to host both of our families here, Jonathan’s on Christmas Eve and Jenny’s on Christmas Day. It was a busy time getting ready, but really nice to be able to visit with those who could make it. Jenny had a chance to get together with all of her sisters this weekend. We survived the major cold snap and the following rapid thaw. Now New Year’s Day is upon us, it’s 2023, and we’re hopeful for a great year to come. The tree and decorations still have another week or so to go here, and everything is hanging in there. I’m busy planning some more winter and early spring projects, we are prepping for some more major work on the house, and thinking about future projects. It’s a good time. Happy new year!

Jonathan does a lot of stuff. If you ask Jenny, maybe he does too much stuff.