House and Home

Hall table finished; getting ready for Christmas Eve; we now own an awesome mop!

Wow. The crazy multi-tagged post with a bunch of stuff that normally doesn’t fit together. In short form: I finished the hall table, and now Jenny and I are getting ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We’re hosting my family on Christmas Eve, and Jenny’s family on Christmas Day. It should be fun.

I baked a bunch of sandwich rolls today (yay new oven!). I went shopping in the strip this morning with my Dad, after I dropped Jenny off at work downtown. We got all kinds of good stuff. The salmon was so fresh that they filleted it right there in front of us. So sorry about your head, little fishy, but you’re going to taste mighty good tomorrow evening. I also got us a brandy-new carving knife to add to my small collection, so yay for that. Dad and I got lunch at Peppi’s in the strip, then he took off for Baltimore and I ran a few other quick errands. One of those errands was getting myself a real mop. We now finally own a real string mop that is totally awesome. I was able to mop the kitchen and bathroom floors tonight lickety-split with that, and it didn’t make me angry like that silly sponge mop that we had.

While shopping in the strip, everywhere we tried with good bread products had run out of sandwich-style rolls. My solution was just to make them. Mom gave me her recipe, and I baked an oven full of sandwich rolls. Yum. We now have slightly less than the original three dozen rolls, due to some, uh, taste-testing. 🙂

I was able to do some cleaning tonight, but I am feeling crappy with a head cold right now. I’m bundled under Jenny’s electric blanket trying to relax and let this thing work its way through me as quickly as possible. I’ll be happier when the sneezing fits are over, at least.

Tomorrow morning I’m waking up early with Jenny. She has to work tomorrow morning, but she’s able to work from home. So I’ll wake up with her and bust out the sharpening stones to sharpen my kitchen cutlery. After that’s done, I will chop up a ton of celery and onions to get the soup base started for the mushroom soup. By that time Mom will probably be on her way down with other stuff for us to start cooking to fill-out the menu for the evening. Dinner will end up being around 8:30PM or so. I already have most of the dining room set up. We’ll just need more chairs, and we should be all set.

Yay mop!


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