Pittsburgh Moment

Inspired by the Pittsburgh Steelers’ success today in making the playoffs:

The first time that I ever rode a plane, I left Pittsburgh for a week and returned that Halloween. Before then, I had never even been in a major airport. There was no line item in the family budget for plane trips when I was a kid. After college, my good friend Chrissy moved to Tulsa. So for my first trip ever, I went to see her for a week.

Anyway, on that Halloween I flew out of Tulsa to Chicago, then left Chicago for Pittsburgh.  As our plane got ready to land in Pittsburgh, I looked out of my window.

I saw the most gorgeous yellow, orange, and red below me. In every direction. Apparently all of the other passengers saw this at the same time that I did.


Yes, it was a loud gasp. Very loud. People seemed excited to finally be in Pittsburgh.

We landed in an autumn prism that sunny Halloween afternoon.

This is what I remember most from the first week that I ever rode on a plane.