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A Tale of Two Sails

What a cliché title. Sorry.

Here are a couple of videos of two recent sails on Pinniped, our Jason 35. First up, Jenny had requested a sail for her birthday (I have the most awesome wife ever), so off we went! A calm wind when we left in the morning, building to a nice breeze throughout the day. We’re still learning how to best trim Pinniped’s sails, and on this trip, we hit hull speed for the first time!

Jenny’s Birthday Sail

Next up, a somewhat longer video from this past weekend. A stronger breeze prevailed all day. We actually tied the first reef in on the main, and still had her at hull speed easily most of the day! This clip had Jenny behind the GoPro, and includes the occasional funny comment along the journey. It’s all sailing, downwind out of the channel, and then onto a nice reach out on the lake.

July 26, 2020 Daysail

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