Outdoors,  Photography,  Western Pennsylvania

It’s 22F and the Sun is Out, Time for a Hike!

After a rather long work week, I needed some time to reset my brain. The sun was out, it was nice and cold, and there was snow on the ground that would likely be gone by the next day with the incoming rain. I loaded up my photo backpack, grabbed STICK, some water, several layers for warmth, and took TruckStor out to Todd Nature Reserve, one of my favorite places for brain resetting time. A few other people had the same idea, including a nice couple with a super friendly Golden who was just happy to smell allllllll the smells and say hello.

I only took a few photos on my hike. The views were gorgeous, but I found myself spending time being in them and not getting myself wrapped up in the thought process of how to capture them. Sometimes I need that, I guess. These were some of the places that particularly stuck out to me.

Jonathan does a lot of stuff. If you ask Jenny, maybe he does too much stuff.