by Jenny on 14 October 2016

2012-04-29 Anniversary!-0041

Last night, I dreamt that I caught a thin gray-haired woman stealing from our outdoor firewood pile. I grabbed her by the wrist, and then I pulled her thick ponytail.

“Thief! How does it feel to be a thief?”

I left go of her ponytail and waved my hand at her face. She stared at me with scared blue eyes.

Then I woke up.

I seriously wonder if somewhere else in the world, a different woman dreamt that she stole from somebody’s firewood pile. That an angry woman grabbed her by the wrist. That the angry woman pulled her hair and yelled and both women awoke.

Then I fell back to sleep and dreamt that my aunt Heidi’s family moved into an apartment in a gorgeous old stone mansion. The mansion also had a gorgeous old stone library where I sat and read a book about the British empire in the 1920’s. I closed the book so that I could help to celebrate a family wedding in this same library. Then we all went into a cafeteria in this same mansion, selected food from the cafeteria buffet line, and sat down to have the wedding reception.

Now that you’ve read about my strange moments, here is a podcast that I found this week and which I really enjoyed:

Strange by The Dallas Morning News



Witch Hunt

by Jenny on 2 October 2016


photo taken by my sister-in-law Sarah

Here is the link to a podcast episode about the Salem Witch Trials that I really enjoyed:

Witch Hunt by Unfictional, a podcast series produced through Los Angeles public radio station KCRW.

(KCRW’s Independent Producer Project sponsors Unfictional and also another podcast series that I really enjoy, Here Be Monsters. I know that my sister E. is currently looking for new podcasts to absorb, so I hope that she seems all of my recommendations.)

I linked above to the podcast’s website. However, I personally prefer to download all of my favorite podcasts to my phone through iTunes. Then I sit in my backyard and listen to the scary ones at night, in the dark.

(photo taken by my sister-in-law Sarah)


Fortune Tellers & Spell Makers

by Jenny 29 September 2016 History

Here are some nonfiction podcasts that I really enjoyed about folks who sell fortunes and spells. Public radio stations produced the podcasts that I list here. I, personally, download podcasts from iTunes. However, for this blog post, I linked to each podcast’s website. #41 Tell Me How To Live My Life by TLDR from WNYC […]

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Halloween Memory #2: The Psychic

by Jenny 27 September 2016 Western Pennsylvania

I lived in Wimmer Hall at Saint Vincent College for four years. The college designated Wimmer as the “quiet dorm,” the “study dorm.” Wimmer Hall had a reputation for housing the college’s awkward loners. However, in Wimmer Hall I didn’t have to live next to the folks who turned into loud a-hole drunks every weekend. […]

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“Lore” and Other Spooky Podcasts

by Jenny 22 September 2016 History

I listen to several hours of podcasts a week. I ride the bus to my job in downtown Pittsburgh. So, I listen during my commute. And also during many of my daily routines. I fell in love with podcasts just recently. My sister K, and then my sister E, used to talk about their favorite […]

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Halloween Memory #1

by Jenny 21 September 2016 New Kensington

This photo is why I want to write about Halloween now. I saw it last week as I searched for something else on my hard drive. This is a picture of me, my sister E., my mother-in-law Fran, my sister-in-law Marissa, and Baby A. We posed for this photo on Halloween 2014. Baby A. is […]

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Tales from the Water

by Jenny 19 September 2016 Western Pennsylvania

This little voice in my head keeps telling me that I shouldn’t blog about Loss and then suddenly change gears and blog about something else. And we haven’t forgotten the Loss. We think about the Loss every day. But other stuff actually did happen this month. For instance, Jonathan and I took his dad Dennis to […]

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by Jenny 9 September 2016 Uncategorized

  September. September. Remember September. September is a month. It has 30 days. Many of these days mean things to me and my family. There’s the Obvious, Patriotic one. My Aunt Sue’s birthday. (I forgot to send Sue a card.) My parents’ wedding anniversary. The 10-year anniversary of my Grandma Hilde’s passing. The start of […]

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The Point

by Jenny 18 August 2016 House and Home

Life moves according to some sort of plan. Then suddenly it doesn’t. Everything changes at one single point in time. I bet that everybody who reads this blog already knows about what happened last week, but I blogged today so that future entries on the subject will make more sense. On Memorial Day weekend in […]

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Tall Ships Erie – My Thoughts

by Jenny 31 July 2016 History

Tall Ships Erie will be September 8 – 11, 2016. On this weekend, visitors will be able to view and tour several tall ships docked in Erie, Pennsylvania. I don’t have any additional information about this year’s festival than what I see on this official website. However, Jonathan and I spent several hours at Tall […]

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