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Logans Ferry Presbyterian Church in Parnassus

by Jenny 14 May 2012 History

Jonathan took this photo a few years ago during the Great Winter which spawned Snowmaggedon. We both have a fondness for Logans Ferry Presbyterian Church. For one thing, it anchors one side of our New Kensington neighborhood, Parnassus.  The building is 127 years old, and the very ground on which it sits is the site of the […]

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Pittsburgh Senior Meredith

by Jonathan 8 December 2011 Photography

I know that things have been quiet here lately, and I’m trying to remedy that. I’m a little behind in posting some good stuff! In late October, as Autumn was in full-force in the Pittsburgh area, I had the opportunity to take some senior portraits of the lovely Meredith. I met Meredith a few years […]

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The Scene and the Snapshot: Episode Three

by Jonathan 19 August 2011 Photography

After a little hiatus due in part to sixteen million other things happening at the same time, I’m pleased to release the next episode in my odd little series called, The Scene and the Snapshot. Here in the third episode, we take a look at one of our favorite Lake Huron public beaches on the […]

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Some recent black and white work: My first 120-format film!

by Jonathan 14 July 2011 Photography

I have been shooting some 120-format film recently, and finally had the chance to develop some of it a couple of weeks ago. My Dad and I had a big film developing party in my parents’ basement. I brought out my new film processing kit in a box to run it through its paces. My […]

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Light Meter Experiments

by Jonathan 13 June 2011 Photography

It has been a really, really long time since I used a fully analog light meter. I recently picked up a Sekonic L-398m: No batteries. No real maintenance. It works like a slide rule for photographers. The light sensor (under the dome) generates a small current across its terminals. The current is measured and displayed […]

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New Joys, Old Joys, and Surprises

by Jonathan 9 June 2011 Photography

New Joy: Film Seems strange, doesn’t it? Why on earth is film a new joy? With the support of my wonderful wife, I recently went crazy and bought a Mamiya RZ67 camera: This is a medium-format camera that shoots 120-size roll film (or 220-size, if one gets a 220 magazine) with a 6×7 frame size […]

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Congratulations Katie and Brendan!

by Jonathan 15 May 2011 Photography

You’re now wedded! And we have the photos (and video!!!) to prove it! I’m still busy importing video and starting to cull photos, but here is a quick sampler from today’s festivities. …Read More

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Katie and Brendan’s Rehearsal

by Jonathan 14 May 2011 Photography

Jenny and I are out in Philadelphia for her sister Katie’s wedding. Katie and her fiance asked us to take their engagement photos over Thanksgiving. They later asked us to also take their wedding photos, and we were thrilled! Tonight was the rehearsal and dinner. Here are just a few images from tonight. First, a […]

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To HDR or To Not HDR

by Jonathan 8 May 2011 Outdoors

I have two version of the photo above. One is a single exposure, and the other is a composite created using High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques. The HDR version is comprised of seven separate exposures of the same scene, each differing in shutter speed by one stop. The HDR was created using the local adaptation […]

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Lighting Study: The Candelabra

by Jonathan 22 April 2011 Photography

Today, after I was finished with work, I started to experiment with some of the new lighting equipment I recently purchased. The nice UPS people brought me some new toys the other day, including two more SB900 speedlights to add to the one I already had, an SB700 speedlight for Jenny’s camera and as a […]

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