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Hurricane Podcast Recommendation

by Jenny 3 September 2017 History

  Since Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are current events, I wanted to recommend a podcast episode that I really enjoyed this summer. I’m talking about the podcast “Undiscovered,” by Science Friday, and this particualar 30 minute episode: Kurt Vonnegut and the Rainmakers. The novelist Kurt Vonnegut’s older brother, Dr. Bernard Vonnegut, was a famous atmospheric […]

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New Year, New Home Technology, Part 1

by Jonathan 1 January 2017 House and Home

Hi. It’s a new year, and I have an awful lot of things I want to say about an awful lot of things, but I figured I would start on the relatively non-controversial side and talk about some new home technology I’ve been working to implement, and some updates on house projects. Maybe you’re interested, […]

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Video: A Short Trip

by Jonathan 21 January 2011 Photography

I’ve been playing with some video stuff lately, working to learn more about Final Cut Pro and my shiny new Panasonic HMC40 video camera. As one might expect, I’m also ironing-out a new workflow for video work. While a lot of the steps are the same as they are for photo work, the video workflow […]

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Gear Review: X-Rite i1Display 2

by Jonathan 7 November 2010 Photography

(auto-posted entry–while you are reading this, I’m probably cleaning-up from pump operator training at the fire department) About two months ago, I went to do a monitor calibration on my laptop. I never had a device to do this, so I always used the Apple built-in manual calibration utility. It usually works pretty well. It […]

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Crossposter fixed–content should be coming back now!

by Jonathan 11 October 2010 Technology

OK, so I finally fixed the crossposter. If that line doesn’t make any sense, here’s a quick explanation: I have two blogs. One of them (this one– is the repository for posts about family, home, etc. It’s also Jenny’s place to post her stories and the like. The other blog ( is the repository for […]

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Podcast: Basic Slideshow Creation in Final Cut Pro

by Jonathan 21 August 2010 Photography

This podcast describes the process for building a slideshow of photographs using Lightroom and Final Cut Pro.  I hope that it might be informative.  It’s a bit on the long side (about 34 minutes).  I’ll try to be more brief in the future.

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Some things go wrong, some things go right

by Jonathan 4 August 2010 Photography

We’ll start with the right stuff first.  Big on the top of that list are more booked jobs. Woo hoo!  My shoot schedule is starting to fill-up for the fall, so if you are interested and haven’t contacted me yet, please drop me a line soon!  If we’ve already talked, then you’re already on my […]

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Blog-like update!

by Jonathan 28 July 2010 House and Home

Ahh, Tintern Abbey, UK, Fall 2009.  Sadly, it seems that we won’t be making it back to the UK or Netherlands this year.  The next time we get to go will likely be entirely for pleasure.  That has some advantages, of course–I won’t be occupied with work-related activities for any of our time there, for […]

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Software upgraded!

by Jonathan 6 July 2010 Technology

Hey..  I upgraded the blog software here.  Please let me know if you have any issues.  Have a great day!

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Technology upgrade time!

by Jonathan 28 June 2010 Photography

The time has come for a few upgrades around the house.  First on the list (and accomplished today!) was an update for Jenny’s iPhone.  A long while ago, her iPhone 3G suffered a smashed screen.  It was still operable, and we weren’t eligible for an upgrade at the time, so she continued to use it. […]

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