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“Do You Like My Little Lie?”

by Jenny 16 October 2017 Uncategorized

Here is a podcast episode that I listened to yesterday during the storm. The story haunted me all night. The story is “Do You Like My Little Lie?” from the podcast “Strangers,” which is from KCRW. I found it by searching on iTunes through the list of Radiotopia podcasts. To be clear, this is a […]

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My Grandma Was Rosie The Riveter

by Jenny 7 March 2017 Uncategorized

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. Tomorrow morning, my employer will give us coffee and refreshments to kick off a discussion group on women’s issues. This afternoon I learned from the internet about things that I “should” do tomorrow: I “should” actually call off from work tomorrow. I “should” wear read. I “should” refrain from shopping […]

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“The House on Loon Lake”

by Jenny 26 February 2017 Uncategorized

  During my time as a kid in Somerset County, a bunch of us plundered the trash of the old lady on the next block. This was the neighbor girl’s idea. We brought home many treasures from the old lady’s spring cleaning efforts: Blank stationary. Decorative Boxes. Costume jewelry. We mortified my parents. They made […]

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Warning: Controversial Things Said Here

by Jonathan 11 January 2017 Uncategorized

Right now is not the time to boycott the political process. Right now is the time to get involved in it. Right now is the time to listen to what our elected officials are saying. Right now is the time to start learning about what they say in official capacities, what they vote for, what […]

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by Jenny 14 October 2016 Uncategorized

Last night, I dreamt that I caught a thin gray-haired woman stealing from our outdoor firewood pile. I grabbed her by the wrist, and then I pulled her thick ponytail. “Thief! How does it feel to be a thief?” I left go of her ponytail and waved my hand at her face. She stared at […]

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by Jenny 9 September 2016 Uncategorized

  September. September. Remember September. September is a month. It has 30 days. Many of these days mean things to me and my family. There’s the Obvious, Patriotic one. My Aunt Sue’s birthday. (I forgot to send Sue a card.) My parents’ wedding anniversary. The 10-year anniversary of my Grandma Hilde’s passing. The start of […]

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My Two Cents

by Jenny 1 April 2016 Uncategorized

A few days ago, I found this article in the Trib. IUP shifting away from flat-rate tuition For disclosure, I applied to IUP as a high school senior and they accepted me. I never enrolled there.  I chose to attend Saint Vincent College (SVC) instead. My sister E. does have two degrees from IUP. However, […]

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Pittsburgh Moment

by Jenny 3 January 2016 Uncategorized
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Inspired by the Pittsburgh Steelers’ success today in making the playoffs: The first time that I ever rode a plane, I left Pittsburgh for a week and returned that Halloween. Before then, I had never even been in a major airport. There was no line item in the family budget for plane trips when I was […]

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In My Next Life

by Jenny 1 January 2016 Uncategorized
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Today I saw my future. I will ride this mini train that now sits in front of me, under our Christmas tree. I see no passenger cars on this Pennsylvania Railroad track. So maybe I shovel coal, or hide out as a stow away.  That’s it! In my next life, I will be the hobo […]

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God Bless the Wedding Helpers

by Jenny 29 April 2015 Uncategorized
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Thanks for all of the wedding anniversary wishes on Facebook! Jon and I enjoyed a beautiful wedding nine years ago on April 29. We had a world-class cookie table – and the love of friends and family! Thank you to everybody who was there and / or helped with it in any way. You gave […]

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